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October 2020

Results Portfolio


The UMH is holder of the following results that are protected through either patents or copyrights. Software protection is through the Copyright Office.

These results have been selected by the institutes or departments that created them:


• Institute of Bioengineering

–        P9800625 Use of 17β-estradiol, its analogues and derivatives in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and its manifestations.

–        P200401938 Process for reprogramming the cellular differentiation state.

–        P200702285 Nanostructured hybrid material comprising gold nanoparticles, preparation method and use.

–        P200802340 Robotic arm.

–        P201030065 Method and compositions for the identification of embryotoxic compounds.

• Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology

–        P9900581 Peptides capable of blocking the response to chemical substances or thermal stimuli or inflammatory mediators of nociceptors and pharmaceutical compositions containing them.

–        P200002414 N-alkylglycine trimers capable of protecting neurons against excitotoxic aggressions and compositions containing them.

–        P200002458 N-alkylglycine trimers capable of blocking the response to chemical substances, thermal stimuli or mediators of neuronal receptor inflammation and compositions containing them.

–        P200101232 Peptide activators of the infectivity of the viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV).

–        P200300072 N-alkylglycine trimers with the capacity to increase the accumulation of drugs in the interior of tumor cells resistant to chemotherapy and the compositions containing them.

–        P200301768 New therapeutic targets and their use for pain management.

–        P200401938 Process for reprogramming the cellular differentiation state.

–        P200703248 A micro device for non-invasive selective separation and extraction of particles in polydisperse suspensions, manufacturing process and its applications.

–        P200930727 Manufacturing process of biomimetic electrodes and their uses as amperometic sensors.

• Institute of Neuroscience

–        P200100315 Method for detecting PrP protein in live animals.

–        P200100354 Apparatus for obtaining ocular tissue samples in vertebrate animals.

–        P200101223 Use of hematopoietic stem cells in the generation of neural stem cells.

–        P200803185 Apparatus for immobilizing small animals in experimentation processes.


• Agro-Food Technology

–        U 201100694 Device for measuring the electrical conductivity of small fluid flow.

• Applied Biology

–        P200000402 Preservative for cut flowers.

• Communications Engineering

–        U201200477 Air shuttle for persons with limited mobility.

• Engineering

–        A-710-05 Productive process output optimization through the methodology of discrete simulation.

–        P200700588 Manufacturing process of agglomerate panels of giant cane and panels obtained by this procedure.

–        P200801577 Manufacturing process of coated panels of giant cane fibers.

–        Software 08/2008/841 Drip irrigation simulator (sirigo).

–        Software 08/2008/840 Low cost programmer (probaco).

–        Software 657/2009 Dh software for the calculation of lateral drip irrigation with pocket pc.

–        P2010030144 Multifunction system for use in agriculture.

• Industrial Systems Engineering

–        P200302938 Equipment for tensile testing of test tubes of flexible laminated material.

–        P200930283 Sound-based kinemometer.

–        P200931144 Foldable electric scooter and folding procedure.

–        Design 0508994 Information terminals having the Dama de Elche design.

• Material Sciences, Optics and Electronic Technology

–        P200503116 Fully regulated power conditioning system with maximum power extraction from solar panels for spatial applications.

–        P200502262 Power conditioning system for spatial applications, bus controller and battery charger.

–        P200700087 Printed antenna for multiband applications.

• Pathology and Surgery

–        P9902251 Useful DNA segments to select differentiated cellular types and their applications.

–        P200102125 In vitro method for obtaining stems cells of individual adult mammals.

• Physics and Computer Architecture

–        P200201823 Treatment system for leachate water in greenhouses.

–        P200600891 Low cost solar capture device.

–        P200601701 Multi-tunnel greenhouse with improved natural ventilation.

• Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science

–        RTV-137-05 Integrated optimization and demand prediction system (siopred).

–        A-77-08 Simel.

–        A-696-08 Wische (non-linear integer program for water irrigation scheduling).

–        V-1996-08 SAO Program: orientation support system.

If you are interested in any of the protected results, please do not hesitate to contact the OTRI, and we will send you all the information available about them.