This section lists the principal calls supporting mobility that are directed towards professors and Ph.D.s established at Spanish universities or research centres who wish to carry out stays at other universities, scientific installations, laboratories, research centres, etc., preferably outside Spain. Their objectives include expanding or updating knowledge, improving academic and/or research competencies, learning new techniques and methods, consulting bibliographic or documentary records, establishing or strengthening relationships with other researchers in their field of knowledge, as well as other significant activities that help improve teaching and research efforts.

There are also programmes addressing cooperation for professors, researchers and Ph.D.s, foreign and Spanish alike, who carry out their scientific work outside of Spain, by financing stays for them at Spanish universities or research centres to incorporate them with Spanish research groups on temporary bases.

If you are interested in obtaining specific information about these calls, you may do so by consulting the Spanish version of this webpage.

For information and assistance regarding foreign stays, the Network of Valencian Universities for the Promotion of Research and Development (RUVID) offers a service supporting mobility that can be consulted at

International mobility