Access to the Technological Offer

 The Miguel Hernández University promotes collaboration between its research structures and companies through R&D activities and technological support.

If you would like to access the UMH Technological Offer, click here.


Here are some terms employed in the management of the Technological Offer:

TECHNOLOGICAL OFFER: Technological capabilities at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH).

TRANSFER STRUCTURES: University units where knowledge and/or technologies are generated that are potentially transferable to companies and institutions in our socioeconomic environment.

CAPABILITIES/SERVICES: Useful abilities and resources, applicable by the transfer structure to satisfy social and economic demands. Structure know-how.

RESULTS: Products and/or procedures developed by the transfer structure, acquirable by companies for exploitation in their economic activities.

PATENTS: Protection mechanisms of a result affording rights to its owner for its use and subsequent exploitation.

SERVICES: Consulting, analysis or tests, normally linked to the use of the transfer structure’s specialized equipment or installations offered to third parties at a predetermined cost.


If you are a UMH researcher and you would like to update your Technological Offer, please contact