Promotion Plan for Technology Transfer

PETRA – 51 OTR2008-0147

Since 2009, the Strategic Plan for Technology Transfer (PETRA) has been expanding at the UMH OTRI. This Plan receives financial support from the Subdirectorate General of Technology Transfer, originally a part of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and presently dependent upon the General Directorate of Innovation and Competitiveness at the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

The Plan’s primary objective is to promote the transfer and exploitation of research results generated by Miguel Hernández University of Elche researchers.

In this sense, a series of activities has been created to inform and educate researchers about transfer mechanisms and processes to increase awareness and improve the quality of results that are transferred. Within this scope, the following are highlighted:

• Alternative technologies to the present situation (Alternativas tecnológicas a la situación actual) Workshop – December 2, 2010

• The transfer of knowledge as a future strategy (La transferencia de conocimiento como estrategia de futuro) Workshop – October 19, 2011

• Collaboration with businesses Everis, Icados S.L. and Isis Innovation Ltd., among others

The OTRI has also implemented an immersion strategy into business structures in order to improve our technology transfer proposals to them. Standing out within these actions is our interaction with the Elche Business Park (Elche Parque Empresarial), and our participation in the Innovation Forum (Foro de la Innovación), sponsored by the Elche City Hall.

The outcome of these actions is reflected in the positive evolution of a set of indicators (international patent applications and extensions, licenses, technology-based firms, and collaboration agreements), reported periodically for Plan assessment.