Starting businesses from the results of university research activities is presently one of the primary mechanisms for increasing competitiveness and renewal in the productive fabric of the world’s most developed countries. Creating these types of firms implies the transfer of knowledge and results from research, developed as a consequence of the research and teaching functions of University personnel, and financed, either entirely or partially, with public funds, upon which the University institution has rights that are recognized in current legal framework.

The UMH is conscious of the benefits and positive impact these firms generate in regional socioeconomic development, at the very university, in its research groups and the firms’ own growth as well. Consequently, the UMH has implemented a set of actions in order to capitalize on University knowledge by creating technology-based firms. All these activities form part of the INIZIA Programme managed by the Quorum Foundation.

The OTRI participates in the creation process of enterprises by analyzing the nature of the research results and by formalizing technology transfer agreements to be signed between the UMH and the new firms.