2. Approval and signing of Contract/Agreement


Once a text approved by all parties becomes available, the SGI-OTRI solicits a report by the department/institute director where the investigator is assigned.

The text is then sent to the Vice Rector for Research and Innovation for its approval.

Once it is approved, the signature collection process begins. This usually begins with the third-party contractor, continues on to the responsible investigator, and then finishes with the signature of the Vice Rector for Research and Innovation.

When all parties have signed the contract/agreement, the SGI-OTRI proceeds by entering it into a database, compiling its basic information and assigning it a cost center. One of the originals is sent to the third-party contractor while the University retains the other, and copies of it are sent to the department/institute director, the responsible investigator and the administrative assistant. The latter two are furthermore notified about its assigned cost center.