Partner Search

To begin forming a project consortium, it is necessary for the idea to have reached a sufficient level of development, and in addition to its objectives, the goals, stages, activities and primary results have been identified. In many cases, the idea comes from a reduced group of entities that will form part of the consortium. This group may grow in a search for new partners. Before beginning a partner search for the project, it is essential to define the profile that the partner(s) must have according to the role and activities that will develop within it. Likewise, the consortium’s specific minimum conditions that are established in the work programmes and calls must be taken into account.

The UMH participates in the ELIARE NETWORK SUDOE-SOE1/P1/F169 project where it has set up a NETWORK with other Spanish, French and Portuguese organisms with the objective of facilitating the formation of consortiums to participate in actions within the Seventh Framework Programme and the CIP.


30 June 2017